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Caelum Sidereum

Anonymous said: I'm a different anon and id freakin marry you. The ladies love ya

Sorry, two/three different romantic anons in one night? Hmm… I’m skeptical. Veerrrry skeptical. But thank you for stroking my ego!

Anonymous said: Really, it's not only a person.

Okay. I believe you! (I guess I want to believe it, for my own ego haha). Whoever you are, I really hope you have a pleasant day tomorrow :) 

whothefucksjohngalt replied to your post“Sometimes are other anons and not me. So you can know now that more than one person wants to marry you.”
they’re all me
I literally would not be surprised at all.

Anonymous said: If all those other marriage proposals fall through, I might just come a-knockin'...

I wish I knew if you were either pretending to be different people, or if this is really a different person! It’s soooo crazy haha! I mean I love anons, but the curiosity kills me!

Anonymous said: Sometimes are other anons and not me. So you can know now that more than one person wants to marry you.

Ahhh, well, it’s too bad I don’t know who you are! Or who they are either! It makes me very curious :)

Anonymous said: Would you marry me even if I'm taller than you? Haha

Oh of course anon :) I really wonder who all these marriage asks come from, haha. One day you’re gonna have to tell me!

Anonymous said: Yes. I don't think it's right to fear god, fear destroy our soul, and that's my point of view, but I respect yours.

I don’t quite know what you mean, anon, but it’s okay. Of course, I do not think you should fear God as evil, for example fearing God as the evil demiurge which created an imperfect material world, as that would be based in an error in understanding God’s supreme goodness. That would be an improper fear. God Bless!

Anonymous said: omg will you, like, totes marry me?

I need a ring first, anon :)